Here at the National Association of Counselors in Private Practice we want you to love and enjoy your life and your practice! Your practice is a reflection of your life and who you are so make it real and authentic!

We believe: Counseling is a powerful, vital profession that changes lives in profound ways every single day.  We believe that private practice providers should be available to everyone in every community.  We believe that all of those seeking counseling or therapy should have a choice of who they see.  When we promote and help private practices grow we make the very real option of counselors available to more of the community.

Therapists should love their work and deserve to make a good living at the same time. More people are served in positive ways when those of us in private practice choose to define our practice to fit our life, not the other way around. Counselors thrive when we connect and encourage excellence in each other. We need to share our stories, just like our clients need to share their personal ones. We matter too.

We need to connect (or reconnect) with the Why of our practice, so that we feel energized to approach every aspect of the practice with clarity and purpose. We need to connect with others, to share support and ideas, and to find encouragement. We need to share our stories and triumphs. We need to get comfortable with success, and to know how to achieve it in a way that is aligned with our deepest values. We want you to love your live and that includes loving your practice. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the dreaming “what if…” phase, the clinician stage, or somewhere in between. It doesn’t matter what licensure you hold. You may be an LPC, LCSW or a Psychologist or be governed by another Board, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you feel called to thrive, to serve your clients well, and to feel fulfilled while running a purposeful business.

The National Association of Counselors in Private Practice is a way to greater self-care and business success. In the articles, member forum, coaching calls, webinars and other resources, we share the wisdom and encouragement needed to take one’s practice to where you dream it should be.  Ready to have amazing support?