National Association of Counselors in Private Practice (NACPP) is the nation’s only professional organization focused exclusively on serving mental health professionals who are in private practice through continuing education, support, advocacy and community to make a larger impact through their businesses and in the field of mental health.NACPP exists to further the profession of counselors in private practice and to protect the interests of those clinicians in private practice.  NACPP supports clinicians in building clinical competency which directly enhances business outcomes.


Together with our members, we hold the belief that counseling should be accessible in all communities and our businesses are essential in improving mental health care options and decreasing stigma associated with access to care.

Counseling is a powerful, vital profession that changes lives in profound ways every single day. NACPP exists to create a collective of counselors in business who love their work and seek to build sustainable private practices.

 Are you ready to grow as a clinician and a private practice owner?



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