You don’t need more tools or tactics. You need to get out of your own way. 

Dear Fabulous Clinician in Private Practice,

I’ve written this letter for you. If you feel like you’re stuck spinning your wheels, always uncertain, always doubting yourself, and just waiting (wishing, hoping, PLEADING) for the one thing you need to know that will set you free in your practice…. this is for you.

I know that you just want to be shown the process that will get you to where you want to be. I know this, because I’ve been you, desperate and practically crying out, just tell me what to freakin’ do!!

So here’s the good news: you already have everything you need. 

You don’t need someone else’s process. And I hate to tell it to you, but the whole “7 simple steps to total business nirvana” that you’ve been sold is BS.

You don’t need to learn any more techniques, tactics or tools. You don’t need to become the next SEO expert and you don’t need to have a podcast to be successful in private practice. It’s all just fluff if you don’t have the foundation in place.

And the thing is, you can’t build a foundation for success if you don’t get out of your own way. [click to continue…]


More Than A “Necessary Evil”: Shifting Your Marketing Mindset

More than a Necessary Evil. Shifting Marketing MindsetThe doctor prepared to tell the crowd that the definitive, end-all-be-all cure for severe chronic back pain was actually discovered years ago. Exhaustive longitudinal studies at multiple research institutes and government agencies, as well as visual-imaging evidence, had proven beyond a doubt that the technique perfected by Dr. Ima Mahrterr was capable of changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who had suffered for years.

The aspect of this discovery that shocked people the most, as she presented her findings to a large audience of individuals who had been racked with pain for years, was that she had actually discovered the technique 20 years earlier… but had mostly kept it to herself. When asked why she didnt’ tell anyone about the results she had gotten with her private patients, she said:

“Well, I realize that marketing and sales are pretty sleazy endeavors, so I didn’t want to “sell” myself or my technique. It would take my greatest achievement and make it…icky, you know? Like a used car salesman.”

The audience sat silently, stunned. Someone in the front row said, “But… you what about the people who needed your technique? Those people needed you. I needed you.” [click to continue…]


Would YOU Pass the Marshmallow Test?

Would You Pass the Marshmallow Test?

Would You Pass the Marshmallow Test?

Remember that old marshmallow test from the 1960s? In that study, researchers gathered up some kids, slapped a sweet, fluffy marshmallow down on the table in front of them and said something like,

“Look, Jane. Here’s a marshmallow. You can eat it now, if you want. But, BUT, if you wait, I will come back here with another marshmallow and then you’ll have two to eat. Got it, kid?”

And then said researcher proceeded to leave that darling Janey sitting in a pool of her own sweaty fiddling, as she desperately pondered the equation: One now or two later?

It’s enough to drive a full-fledged adult mad, much less a hardscrabble lass of five!

So what did they find? [click to continue…]