Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits are the reason we join, right?  So here is what you get:

Special Topic Training

Continuing Education hours (available on website)

You need CE hours but you need to work, you want to learn about relevant topics to help your professional development and your clients but who has time to take off for all the CE hours you need.  When you have a question about what others use to treat trauma or it is time for you to get CE hours to renew your license and suddenly you re-realize…you are by yourself.  What if you had access to CE hours that are online and accessible to you as you need them?  Pop up webinars for CE hours and just learning about the stuff you want to learn about.   Would you be able to breathe a sigh of relief?  How about online meditation program to help that breathing along that you get CE hours for!  

We are committed to providing quality continuing education in compliance and in accordance with the regulations and requirements of the National Board of Certified Counselors. In order for a Provider to offer and issue NBCC credit, the program subject matter must be directly and primarily related to (1) or more of the NBCC Content Area identified below, and as required by this Policy.  The following categories identify the NBCC Content Areas.  The relevant content area(s) must be identifiable in the program objectives.     1. Counseling Theory/Practice and the Counseling Relationship; 2. Human Growth and Development; 3. Social and Cultural Foundations; 4. Group Dynamics and Counseling; 5. Career Development and Counseling; 6. Assessment; 7. Research and Program Evaluation; 8. Counselor Professional Identity and Practice Issues; and 9. Wellness and Prevention.   These courses are provided by an NBCC approved continuing education provider.



Jamie L. Summers Stacks, PA has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 6710.  Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified.  Jamie L. Summers Stacks, PA is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.  (Value $1200).

You will have access to continuing education courses online right here at the NACPP website (stay tuned there will be one or two available on October 1 so don’t think you are missing it now).  We will add approximately one a month.  The courses will each typically be worth one CE hour but some may be 2, 3 or more.  We will let you know as we post new courses.  If you have requests for a topic let me know via email.

You will also have access to special “expert” trainings that will either be pre-recorded and available on the website or they will be live webinars that will be announced ahead of time.  Either way we will always let you know who the expert is, the topic they will train on and give you a chance to send in questions for them to answer!  In the case of live webinars the recording will be available on the website after the event.  *Important to note…if the event is a live webinar you must be live on the call/computer to get the CE credit.   Again, these will be announced ahead of time to allow you to adjust your schedule as needed.  Join Now

Group Mentoring Calls

Legal trainings and consultation

Am I legally protecting myself?  Is my website disclaimer what it should be?  Are my contracts and paperwork legal and designed to protect the therapeutic relationship between client and clinician?  What if you never get the answer to that legal support question and you stay awake at night stressed about it?  You will exhaust yourself.  You will not be able to help your clients if you are constantly in fear of making mistakes. What if you had access to legal support?   Stress and anxiety take a toll on us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  What if you are stuck and isolated and don’t have anywhere you trust to turn?  Can you go on like this indefinitely?   What if you don’t have to?

One of the things that we hear the most is that you need a place to go to get specific legal and ethical concerns and questions addressed and answered.  We will provide trainings with live Q & A time with those who know the law.  Who better to learn from than a legal coach who is an attorney and works with people just like you?  How about one who specializes in helping entrepreneurs and shares legal love to help keep your business (and therefore YOU) protected .  (Value $1000)   Join Now

Members Only Facebook Forum

Private member forum to create connection

You go to work in your beautiful (authentically yours) space every day.  You are by yourself and loving it.  However, that also means when you get a break between clients…you have a break…by yourself.  Private practice can be really isolating.  Especially for those in solo practice.  However, even in a group practice you all have different schedules and may barely see each other.  Where do you turn for support?   You have an hour free and really want to connect.  Where do you go?  It can be super lonely and frustrating.   But wait a minute…this is your dream…what happened?  How can you make this dreamier?  How can you make this the dreamy you envisioned?  You want a place to connect to other professionals that get you. Imagine this- in between clients you could pop on the private forum created just for you and ask a quick question or just say hi.   Are you looking for community of like-minded people who are interested in growing the profession? A website that’s actually easy to use and navigate?

Are you looking for community of like-minded people who are interested in growing the profession? Look no further!  Members will have access to a private member’s only forum where they can connect and build their tribe!

*Members can also connect through the online Member Directory (accessible to non-Facebook-users as well).  (Value $220)
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Ebook: Jumpstart your Private Practice Income

Financial trainings and consultation

Should I form an LLC or an S-Corp?  Do I need an EIN?  How do I do that?  How much do I need to pay in taxes?  Do you worry how you will handle it if you never get those tax questions answered and then you owe way more than you can pay at tax time.  You have a question about what can you can write off?  Who do you ask?  What if you had access to financial support and more?   Would you like access to great learning resources and somewhere to go to ask those really tough questions?

We also hear that you need a place to go to get those finance and MONEY questions answered.  Members will have trainings with live Q & A to find out what you need to know!  We support and encourage an abundance mindset and that there is plenty to go around for everyone.  We want you to feel the same way.  Sometimes us clinicians want to avoid the M word but we want you to have lots of Money love instead of Money fear.  (Value $1000)  Join Now

Book Club

Community calls for networking

What if you had a place to connect?  What if you had a question and actually had a place to go to ask and get an answer?  What if you could go directly to a place where you belong and support from experts there?  You could grow professionally and personally.  You could learn from others who are where you are or have been where you are.  You can breathe through rough days with a group of support.  Having a backup support system and a safe place will allow you to fully focus on your clients.  You want to help people, right?  That is why you go into this.  How about if you can focus on that and get support for the business side of things.  Ease your anxiety about what to do so you can do what you love. 

Periodically we will host live free conference calls in which you can chat with and ask questions of the host.  We will have hosts from different content areas that you request.  We think it is kind of like a really intense Q & A with an expert on a topic that you choose.  (Value $280)   Join Now


Free Nationwide Marketing

You want to be in a nationwide directory and have others be able to easily access what you specialize in and send you referrals?  You want the opportunity to have your practice highlighted on a national website and in the newsletter that goes out to hundreds of people?  You got it!

Free Nationwide Marketing- Members get the opportunity to share their member news and events on the NACPP Website Member Only Events Page at no charge.  We will also highlight a different member each month in our newsletter and social media accounts!  (Value $480)  Join Now

Pop Up CE Webinars
Pop Up Live Facebook Chats
More to come soon!!!
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Future plans:
Live annual conference
State chapters
Podcast and MORE!

Total Real Value of Membership: $4180

Annual Membership Fee: $249 


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“Being in my first year in private practice, it’s been so helpful to have a community of therapists to connect with both around the business-y end of stuff as well as clinical things.  The Association not only offers a supportive community, but great resources, inspiration, and encouragement!” -Laura, Association Member.




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