Mission & Vision

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Welcome!  We hope our vision and mission resonate with you.  We would love to have you join our collective.

Vision:  The National Association of Counselors in Private Practice seeks to serve and assist our profession in thriving by serving counselors and therapists in private practice with support, insight, and connection, so that they can in turn serve more clients and change more lives. Creating a collective of care and knowledge. Won’t you join us?

Mission:  We are dedicated to make private practices a viable option for people in every community. We are dedicated to supporting the improvement and growth of those serving in a private practice setting. We empower counselors as they balance the roles of life. We are all unique individuals who are part business person and clinician combined with all the other characteristics that make us who we are. We serve you through:

  • Connection and support
  • Encouragement and inspiration
  • Education and Resources for improving one’s practice
  • We are committed to promoting excellence, professionalism and authentic Joy in the field of private practice.

We believe it’s time to reconnect with the “soul” of your business, to find inspiration in the midst of balancing the business and counseling facets of private practice, and to do so with clarity, confidence and support

We are committed to promoting excellence, professionalism and success in the field of private practice.




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You matter and we want to help you take care of you!

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