Private Practice Tip of the Week: Visualizing Clients’ Success

Private Practice Tip of the Week: Visualizing Clients' Success
We all see the reminders popping up about setting personal goals and resolutions for the new year, setting positive intentions, maybe even picking a “word of the year.” We’ll be discussing some ways to set positive goals & visualization for your private practice in 2016 soon. -But for now, how about doing some positive visualizing for each of your clients? Take a moment to look at your client list, and spend just 1-3 minutes imagining each client as they will be when they have achieved their therapy goals:

  • Visualize them living healthy, fulfilling, meaningful lives. What will that look like for them? Happier relationships, less anxiety, coping with difficult circumstances? Play the “movie” in your head, or maybe even jot it down.
  • See them in the future, shaking your hand and thanking you for all your help. What are they telling you was impactful for their healing?
  • ​Pick a word or phrase that sums up your hope or intention for them this year. 
  • Spend a minute feeling gratitude for each of your clients (yep, even the difficult ones!), and for how your work with them is helping you grow.
​Our ability to visualize the health and well-being of our clients is a powerful factor in actually helping them get there (especially if they’re having a difficult time imagining that it’s possible for them!). It also helps boost our own morale and sense of possibility, which is vitally important, too! 
If this is a helpful exercise for you, let us know in the comments below. We’re grateful for you!



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