Below are some articles that reflect our mission to help counselors and other therapists build or improve their private practice. We’ve included a mix of strategies and mindset issues that arise while creating an exceptional private practice. Happy Reading!

How Therapists See Themselves…On Screen

3 Private Practice Marketing Habits to Start in 2016

Not Another “Goals for 2016” Article (well, sort of)

Spending vs. Investing in Your Private Practice

Something Rare and Valuable: Shifting your Marketing Mindset

Networking 101: A Guide for the Reluctant Private Practitioner

Four Steps to Improve Your Online Marketing in Private Practice

How to Write An About Page that Connects with Your Client

The Great Debate: Insurance vs. Cash Pay in Your Practice? 

The Double Standard That’s Holding You Back (and 6 Ways to Beat it)

The Secret Barrier to Making Money in Your Practice (and How to Overcome it) 

Weaving Your Website (Some Basics) 

Marketing Savvy: The 6 People You Need to Take Out For Coffee Now.

Bound for Success: 5 Tips on the Essential Key to a Thriving Practice

Don’t Stress: 5 Simple Principles for a Hassle Free Private Practice

 Strut Your Stuff: Valuing the Work You Do

 The Art of Hospitality in Your Practice

Mastering the Art of the Pounce (or, Beware of the Perfect Plan)

Getting Started in Private Practice: Great Tools to Help You Grow Your Practice

Tip of the Week Posts:

Private Practice Tip of the Week:

Tip of the Week: Thank You Notes

Tip of the Week: Love Your Bookshelf

Tip of the Week: Calendarize!

Tip of the Week: Visualizing Clients’ Success

Tip of the Week: Keep a “Win” File

Tip of the Week: Read it and (Don’t) Weep

Tip of the Week: 3 Reasons to Banish Clutter

Tip of the Week: Recycle, Reuse…Reduce



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